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Priya  V Balakrishnan, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

The Immortality Institute

Priya V Balakrishnan, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Integrative Medicine Specialist located in The Wellness Village, Houston, TX

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Testimonial Letter from a Patient's Father

Dear Dr. Priya Balakrishnan,

How are you doing? I am writing this letter with utmost relief from the grief and tension that our family was facing for last couple of months. For more than a decade, we had digested and accepted the fact that my son ST born with kidney issues (Hydronephrosis), sustaining with CKD and his Creatinine and BUN values were keep increasing gradually all these years. We anticipated that his condition would be stable for few more years to come. But by the end of August we received call from Nephrologist that GFR rate has been deteriorated to 13 (his creatinine was 2.5 and BUN was 65) and he has to be administered for dialysis immediately. We all are devastated and no clue what to do next. With bleak hope we started searching for alternate medicines and praying God with complete faith. In that week we come across your work, and you as God-sent person. Whole Houston was flooded at that time and still you took time to listen entire history and extended your helping hand.

After talking to you, as per your suggestions, on 09/10/17 he started taking Steps 2 and 3 of your therapy and consuming plant based food. Then ST was very weak, his skin tone turned black (may be because of accumulated toxins in his body), low fatigue, low focus, wanted to sleep most of the time and lost his appetite. Thanks Dr. for your recommendation, within two weeks we noticed significant improvement in his condition as he looked active and started reading story books. Even started playing basketball in backyard. In third week we included Step 4 in his juices and started practicing Steps 7 and 8 as advised, to witness improvements in skin color cleared much and increased appetite.

After 40 days, on 10/20/17 he had analysis of blood and 24hrs urine. Following week we consulted Nephrologist as follow up. Big Surprise. His Creatinine came down to 2.2 from 2.5 and BUN deflated to 40 from 65. Based on his physicals and values from lab, Doctor calculated his GFR could be approximately 35. Thank God, No need of Dialysis at this stage. Not sure whether kidney function is fluctuating or took reverse direction permanently. We will continue the same what he was doing for last 1.5 months.  

Again, he has next lab test scheduled in 3rd week of December. With the grace of almighty God, We hope for the best. Thank you very much Dr. Priya Balakrishnan for your guidance in reversing CKD. 


Best Regards,