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Priya  V Balakrishnan, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

The Immortality Institute

Priya V Balakrishnan, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Integrative Medicine Specialist located in The Wellness Village, Houston, TX

Telemedicine offers convenience and access to the unique, cutting-edge therapies and treatments offered by Priya Balakrishnan, MD, of The Immortality Institute in Houston, Texas. Whether you’re not in the area of her office but want to benefit from her experience and advanced care, or you just need a more efficient method for your appointments, telemedicine services are available for you. Sign up for the program by calling the office or following the information on this website.

Telemedicine Q & A

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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows your provider to connect with patients through electronic communications and specialized software. They can then offer remote clinical evaluations and services to people in Houston and beyond. You get evaluation and treatment recommendations without having to visit the office.

The telemedicine services are useful if you have a minor emergency, a question about your treatment, or want a medical second opinion. However, these appointments aren’t to be used for life-threatening emergencies or acute flare-ups.

What types of conditions are appropriate for telemedicine appointments?

Management of chronic kidney conditions and associated symptoms and maladies may be done with telemedicine services. After an initial in-office evaluation, regular follow-ups, and adjustment to your treatments and therapies can be continued through telemedicine appointments.

The team offers supplements, such as Mountain Rose Herbs’ Curcumin Elixer, multivitamins and minerals, probiotics, vitamin C, and vitamin D, to ensure optimal health. These can be prescribed after reviewing your symptoms and your medical history.

Your provider can also offer recommendations as to how you can handle adrenal fatigue, a drain on your energy and overall well-being. They help you with breathing techniques, the use of chakra beads, and other therapies to align your energy and health. If they determine a visit to the office for vitamin B-12 shots or oxidative therapy is necessary, you can schedule this during your call.

Dr. Balakrishnan also offers remote opinion on using life-saving measures for the sick - in which she can help family members decide whether they ought to let their loved one die or not - the likelihood of their returning, for a small consultation fee. 

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers you convenience and the ability to meet with your provider without leaving home, especially if driving is difficult for you. You don’t have to leave work or leave your daily responsibilities to make it to an appointment. It also eliminates any office wait time. 

You save on money, too, by not paying for gas for travel. Should you care for small children or the infirm, you don’t have to leave them to visit the doctor. You also don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to contagions in the office or seeing other patients.

Rest assured, the telemedicine software used by The Immortality Insitute keeps your information private and secure.

Will I get adequate care with telemedicine?

Telemedicine can be just as effective as in-person office visits when used under the right conditions and for appropriate reasons. Your provider can assess your health and condition by reviewing your symptoms, viewing your physical appearance on the screen, and evaluating your health history.

If they can’t get a complete picture of your health with a telemedicine visit, or if they determine you’d benefit from services that require in-office care – such as IV therapy or ozone treatments – they request that you make the trip to The Immortality Institute.

Telemedicine is easy to set up and to use. The team provides you with thorough instructions and support to handle your appointment.

If you’d like to take advantage of the telemedicine services offered at The Immortality Institute, call the office today or request an appointment on this website.