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Medical Second Opinion

Priya  V Balakrishnan, MD -  - Regenerative Medicine Specialist

The Immortality Institute

Priya V Balakrishnan, MD

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Integrative Medicine Specialist located in The Wellness Village, Houston, TX

If you have a serious medical diagnosis, a medical second opinion can help make you aware of alternative treatment programs and prognoses. At The Immortality Institute in Houston, Texas, board-certified internal medicine specialist Priya Balakrishnan, MD, provides a medical second opinion that can help you avoid costly and sometimes health-compromising conventional therapies to address kidney failure, kidney disease, and other major illnesses. To schedule your appointment for a second opinion, call the office or request one using the online booking tool.

Medical Second Opinion Q & A

What is the benefit of a medical second opinion?

A medical diagnosis can leave you with a lot of questions. You may wonder if you’re following the right path of treatment for you and if you’re truly healing or just simply managing symptoms.

You may even question the diagnosis and wonder if something else is going on to cause your ailment. A medical second opinion can help clear up questions and help you become a more educated health care consumer. 

Other benefits of a medical second opinion include:

  • Getting a confirmation of your diagnosis
  • Providing alternative treatment plans
  • Comparing the potential outcomes of proposed treatments

With a second opinion from a medical professional who is on the cutting edge of treatment and technology, you can make educated decisions about your health care. You may also be exposed to more advanced modes of healing that involve less invasive and less risky treatment protocols.

What types of conditions benefit from a second opinion?

You benefit from a second opinion, no matter how dire your diagnosis. But if you have a serious or life-threatening disease, such as kidney failure, a second opinion can help:

  • You navigate treatments that are risky or toxic
  • You understand and clarify an unclear diagnosis
  • By offering experimental or trial measures

It can be intimidating to ask for a second opinion or make you feel as if you’re being demanding as a patient. At The Immortality Institute, the team welcomes patients who are looking for alternative therapies or confirmation of their diagnosis. Ultimately, the goal of the practice is to promote your wellness.

Be honest that you’re seeking a second opinion when you visit The Immortality Institute. You want the team to be privy to any tests or screenings that were done in another clinic to avoid repetitive testing and analysis.

A second opinion is also of value if your current mode of therapy fails to resolve your issues and symptoms. This indicates a potentially inadequate diagnosis or inadequate treatment.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a major illness or are wondering about what’s the best way to care for your health, call The Immortality Institute or request an appointment online to obtain a second opinion and get a different perspective on your condition.