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First in the world to clinically show the existence of a putative regenerative organ system (REGENEROS - the gift that keeps giving, like Kamadhenu, the cow) and to categorically state, that the kidney, is the lead organ of this system.

First in western medical literature to publish a safe and effective way to reverse chronic kidney disease (CKD), both early and advanced, and to have successfully reversed CKD and ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease).

At The Immortality Institute (Immortality), we work to cure or reverse chronic medical diseases, work intently to make these available all over the world, and in medically underserved areas. We also apply and study Regeneretics to reverse diabetes, heart disease, and neurological diseases.

With Immortality's patented Regeneretics, which also can be administered remotely, we can reverse multiple chronic medical illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, depression.

Immortality's Medical Director, Priya is a nephrologist, an internist and a former patient, who has herself saved over 5000 lives as a hospitalist and taken care of the disabled and elderly.

She is a proven Regeneretics expert in regenerative therapies including stem cells, a human-biological-immortality clinical researcher, an inventor of new drugs and diagnostics in Regeneretics, and an educator, in Regeneretics.
Some may wonder if we do not have enough people on the planet.

Priya feels, "Following my multi-organ failure, and near-death at only 37, with my 5-year-old son waiting for me at home to return, I realized that I did not wish this for anyone else."

At Immortality, we believe that every person deserves to live until they accomplish the mission of their birth.

We study the precise mechanisms by which the body can regenerate itself, called Regenerance.

At Immortality, we work for all people to live long enough to accomplish their mission, or longer, with Regeneretics.

Immortality works with Viswa Institute of Higher Education, a non-profit, to give two PhDs a year, to students and practitioners of Regeneretics.   

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