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Meet Anne-Grete Bjørlo


Anne-Grete Bjørlo


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My Background

I have overcome sexual abuse, bullying, breast-cancer, PTSD, and more. Turned it all into knowledge. Nutrition therapist. Certified therapist in Simplified Thought Field Therapy. Certified assisting coach for Cellular Health Coaching, on my way to becoming a certified Cellular Health Coach with Dr. Gary Samuelson.

Results I help to achieve

Sort out complex problems involving traumas, relational and others. Weight-gain is often the result of stress. Cellular health coaching can improve chronic health issues, and also result in weight loss. The best possible life quality for as long as possible is my goal!

Interesting Facts

I am Google’s first EDUCOACHAPIST! And what is that? It is a merge between education, coaching, and therapy. 3 in 1! And I can be your kick-ass coach too if you need one!


English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.

Favorite mantra

You have to overcome to become the best version of yourself!

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