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◦Earliest we can expect a traditional vaccine like the flu vaccine is 18 months from March, 2020 (at least - 70 clinical trials underway) ◦This virus mutates very easily - one vaccine will not be enough - there are multiple strains ◦Antibodies to this virus disappear in 30% of infected, suggesting that a traditional vaccine may not be effective.

This suggests that diagnostic testing, which is already very insensitive when actually looking for the virus (only 70% for nucleic acid testing by RT-PCR), is unlikely to provide useful information about the acquisition of immunity from a prior infection or a vaccination, if antibodies disappear. Indeed, it suggests that prior infections and vaccines themselves might also not be useful in getting immune to this virus, and may in fact, never be useful for immunity, which leads us to the next point.
◦Injecting ourselves with a gene (put into a virus skeleton) which is potently against this virus, called an IGT-type vaccine (such as ZMapp for Ebola from this article - may eventually be necessary, as this disease, like Ebola and HIV may not be amenable to traditional vaccine development (this IGT-type vaccine development may take much longer than 18 months.....this is because gene expression regulatory switches must be studied adequately well, to turn it off, when it is no longer needed - and that work is not done yet). In the end, an IGT-type vaccine, will also make us all, into Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs).
◦No foreseeable drug or treatment will reverse organ and organ system damage - from infection 
◦Kidney failure occurs in 59% of hospitalized due to virus clogging kidney cells - 20% of hospitalized are discharged and go home on dialysis - and we are now scrambling for dialysis machines to service them
We are also able to treat to prevent Covid-19 infections using our ozone therapy protocol, which seems to have worked on multiple patients in many countries.....
It is possible that our Covid-19 anti-microbial protocol will re-open kidney cells for business, whose machinery is clogged by virus, which has hijacked the cells' DNA replicative machinery, and is making millions of copies of itself, closing off the kidney from doing it's regular business.......
We are happy to share details - just reach out to indicate your interest in enrolling in our clinical trial when we open....... 

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