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After observing this disease, I am now humbly and respectfully convinced that other than structurally, each and every neuron in the body - each and EVERY NEURON in the body, other than connecting one neuron to another, in a known or unknown pathway of transmission of either sensory input (sensory) or information to act (motor), or life energy (within the brain and in the processing of the signals - the mind, thoughts and other neurological and neuroscience patterns described by neuroscience experts, who are concerned with productivity and resilience, and in the neurological pathways of intuition and the reception of external healthy EM energy for whole-body health, via shutting down of the senses), has an extremely specific function.
(Final common pathway of organismal disease, aging, and demise)
In other words, there is no NEURON, that is merely connecting tissue, in the neurological world.
There is no neuron that is merely a cobblestone in the path that we tread or walk.
Every neuron, has a super-specific function, which must be explored, and we will find human functionality via the neurosciences, that has never ever been unlocked previously. observed or utilized consistently, successfully, and consciously, or subconsciously.
We do not yet have the language in English vernacular for these previously undescribed human functions, and we do not even have medical jargon for it.........
The reactivation of the REGENEROS will need to put back (re-enliven) critical neurons in place, that have fallen out, that cause the varied chronic medical illnesses, when enough of them with very specific functionality, fall out, within an organ or organ system...........
There could even be an expert - for each particular neuron - who specialized in reactivating, just one particular neuron with one particular function, in anybody, and in everybody........that is a job........ a field of technical expertise......and something that could create literally billions of jobs or more (as many jobs as there are neurons - which is in the trillions).......
Critical small INDIVIDUAL changes will make all the difference to attaining immortality, versus longevity - which might be about what everyone can do - that can extend lifespans, but as someone very famous, author and Russian wrote once (about unhappy families), for each person, those critical differences are different in each human being (which neurons are out, where and why and how to get them back online - how to mass test and diagnose and then refer to that particular person who can revive one or more of those neurons and eventually, all of them)......that is truly where the fields of personalized Medicine and Human Biological Immortality intersect and is where we are hopefully headed to next......
What are the differences between Wellness, Longevity and Immortality?
One word: QUALITY
Quality of the intention of the person working with you, on you
Quality of the interaction and the intention set for the outcome
Quality of the care delivered
How easily the care provider lets themselves off the hook for delivering the ultimate result - of no fear from death to the patient.......herein lie some deep descriptors.....
A. Wellness:
Time frame: Daily
Meaning: Wake up everyday, with tons of energy, to get daily work done and have energy for all your roles
Bottomline: Compromises with death, and that variable, disease - as to when it may attack - and then becoming susceptible to becoming a cog, in disease-maintenance-systems of care delivery.......
B. Longevity:
Time frame: Lifespan
Meaning: Staying healthy, avoiding chronic medical illness, death from cancer in some people is unavoidable, but cancer is preventable in all..........and accepting that death is inevitable, while aging maybe prolonged gracefully, graciously, theoretically into a more acceptable lifespan, if untrackable causes result in death, or perpetuity, as the individual case might be - and to track
Bottomline: Compromise with both aging (it is inevitable, it can be done gracefully (lifestyle changes, adding supplements or healthcare routines) and more slowly - but certainly inevitable and most certainly, leading to death) and death, and therefore, the ethics of getting to a longer lifespan, when we first begin to compromise our values or our mission - yes, this end goal could accept our becoming genetically modified organisms to ward off certain illnesses and.....accepting chemotherapy type horrendous treatments for cancer and accepting the possibility of death as an outcome with these horrendous treatments - that is no guaranteed cures, always playing the safe but spiritual impoverishment (end-game-is-death) game (something / someone has to give, for something / someone else to win)
C. Immortality:
Time frame: None
Meaning: Being able to walk through a room full of coughing coronavirus patients (Cocopas, like cocoa puffs) (except theoretically speaking, it would be impossible to get through a room of COCOPAS, since no such disease would affect a human being in the Immortal world - not science fiction, entirely doable within a century), without getting sick; and on the next exponential level of growth (which will open up to us within the century, I feel), not being susceptible to death from any kind of trauma (from incendiary device) or any unnatural causes (such as being in outer space without oxygen delivery systems or temperature protection systems - yes when we discover the function of each and every neuron and keep it alive or re-enliven it - we could find these types of functions that we could not even have fathomed); without becoming genetically modified organisms, without getting traumatized psychologically or losing our humanity to develop this strength (not turning into monsters or needing adrenaline highs or experiencing near-deaths) - turning into and tuning into our bodies firstly and most importantly, and as peacefully and non-invasively, as possible - using other interventions as needed - training in ultra-meditation, fasting, yoga, breath-work, Qi-movement, working other REGENEROS reactivating therapies - which can be turned into drugs, or derived from existing medications or herbs, electromagnetic therapies or whatever......but not genetically modifying ourselves, by which we lose species characteristics and human characteristics and acquire unknown susceptibilities and unpredictable outcomes (but advance the cause with no consideration to long-term, which is the definition of Immortality)........while until successful aging might be inevitable.......over the duration of work in this field, aging is not an acceptable outcome, nor is any form of cancer, or any form of life-reducing-or-damaging treatment, of any lack of guaranty of no-death with treatment, and nor is any chronic or acute medical fact, that WOULD BE the definition of that all those things would be unacceptable compromises........
Bottomline: No compromises on our values in either attaining the destination or designing the pathway to get there......that's it - no compromises, along with a crystal clear destination (making the passage of time irrelevant to quality of life).......

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