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I'm so grateful to God, that I still have a beautiful friend in my beloved Michele, whom I've not had a chance to connect with, these past few days, with whom I have just today shared everything about why I believe I was and am being targeted by an entire team of Nigerian brothers and friends, who are being paid by Russians and Chinese, to apparently on the surface of the thing, put a lid on my social media posts, but also, for a deeper and more sinister purpose.
Why would someone like myself be targeted by an entire team of people who operate within our internet cable? Why?
After all, all I have done is expose Trump's inner spiritual blueprint. I have acquaintances who have exposed his finances, and not suffered as much monitoring or surveillance by foreign powers.
Why is my work desktop STILL being photographed every five minutes no matter when, I log onto the internet at work, but most worrisome, even when it is loaded with anti-viral software (which should have been able to detect and take out any virus that is locally installed on a desktop - or for that matter in a voting booth - something, which matters little when the data that traverses a cable is owned by the cable company - which happened when net neutrality was knocked out - as this administration's first order of business, literally - and therefore, voters' choices data integrity, is under question, as it can be altered while in transit when Russian co-owned cable companies own it during transit, as during the last time.....not the hanging chads time, but this past time....back to my anti-viral software should have been able to eliminate pictures being taken of my desktop every five minutes - but it has not - why is that) - and why photograph my desktop at work so aggressively (I'm not posting Anti-trump stuff every five minutes), every five minutes (yes - they also photograph my desktop at home and elsewhere) - but why?
Why, considering particularly, I've stopped writing Trump's spirit-exposing stuff?
Why attack and monitor me so closely?
Why would Lachlan Murdoch purchase the house I put on my vision board and emailed my mentors in around November last year (since at least then, and perhaps earlier, I've been having the momentary desktop blackouts presumably when someone has been photographing my desktop), who issued a challenge to all their M2 students to do?
Why does anyone do stuff like this to oneself?
Obviously, it is not about me.
Then what is it about?
Today I had an epiphany of sorts.
It is about the REGENEROS.
Are they trying to see how fast I can get upto speed - not the guys who are trolling me, but the guys who are reading the q five minute, photographic printouts of my desktop?
Exactly what are they trying to glean from studying my activities on my work desktop?
Here is a longish explanation - not the one I promised you this morning - but another one, which is equally as important and far more urgent (this is so exhausting and unwelcome, I swear - I wish this nightmare would end peacefully and without a shootout, here in Texas).......
When I researched whether the flu virus caused CNS effects after learning that Corona causes loss of smell and taste, I found that there has been an outbreak of pediatric flu, causing catastrophic CNS effects with encephalitis and brain stem infarcts, in 2011, yes, first in Taiwan, and then, wait for it, in Italy.
The question was why then, why that, why in children and why is just those geographic locations.
Today I can try and hazard a guess - perhaps it was the virilization of the flu virus, following which a human (animal experiment) infection type study was done - to see it's actual effects on the human being population, in areas that were already pledged to these people, their leadership.
What we are seeing now, is the weaponization against the REGENEROS, of the coronavirus, on top of it's virilization, for testing which latter efficacy, human experiments were already conducted in Taiwan and in Italy in 2011.
Then they got into my emails.
They know everything I know as I have emailed it all to some one person or another (several, after patenting actually).....and I believe the virilized (made virulent) coronavirus (similar to the pediatric CNS-toxic flu of 2011), has now been weaponized against the REGENEROS (which is why, kidney cells have been found to be chockful of it and why 59% of all hospitalized individuals get kidney failure without apparently, a single urine manifestation, and why 20% of those going home, are going home on dialysis)
What this gives them (Russians passing on IT intel to Chinese Biomedical Scientists - both operating through Nigerian intel ops - all owned by the Chinese) is an understanding of the inner workings of the REGENEROS - in order to design drugs that will or can either reverse a failure in the REGENEROS, or attack the bodily REGENEROS, the cure of which might require special vaccines that will make the human organism a genetically modified organism (GMO), via IGT; or THEY WILL GET TO SET THE GLOBAL STANDARDS OF MEDICAL CARE, WHO, EVEN TO JUST GET AHEAD OF AMERICA IN PHARMA, WILL AND DO NOT MIND ENGINEERING VIRUSES AND RELEASING THEM INTO HUMAN POPULATION EXPERIMENTALLY (even if just their own population to study it's protean manifestations, which then accidentally escape into the general population) OR WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS, FOR THE PROFIT-MAKING OF VACCINE GENERATION WHICH WILL MAKE HUMAN BEINGS INTO GMOs.......and ALL OF IT JUST TO IRREVERSIBLY USURP AMERICA'S PRIMACY IN LEADING MEDICAL CARE GLOBALLY........
They needed to know when I get onto them (that this virus was engineered previously, to be extremely virulent to the CNS, but more recently, it has been bio-engineered to target and selectively attack and disable the lead organ in the REGENEROS, namely the kidney, which leads to the elucidation of all the pathways of this organ system in the human body, allowing them to break it's mysteries open in a rapid and comprehensive way - kind of like slamming a pumpkin into the ground to shatter it, by mass human-being experimentation - which would reveal all of it's individualistic quirks, we could never imagine doing, even in animal experiments in the west).......
That is the only explanation for, that kind of intensive and ongoing monitoring of me (it is not at all about me).
Therefore, I will fairly conclude, that our country has already been scooped of our IP and how that will lead to war between our medical establishment and that of China and Russia, in setting global medical standard of healthcare.
Thank you for listening.
Tomorrow I will speak of why reactivating the bodily REGENEROS, is the most humane, safe, and ethical way to reverse all chronic medical illness and indeed, even aging, and why any other dystopian approach that comes from non-American sources is not desirable, and how and why inadequate / incomplete approaches, will not be sufficient, to get the job done.......
Sleep well.......tomorrow is a big you everyone.......take care.......praise be to God.......(yes - I am a conservative hawk morally and financially - I am just not Trumpian and not conservative socially)....thank you.......God Bless You.........Godspeed...........

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