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◦Vulnerable and isolated midwestern/third coast populations will be affected (which are not bicoastal) – as we will need to develop herd immunity by actually getting natural infections long before a vaccine will be ready
◦Look for resurgence in cases during flu season, again this year – and look for it to move to the Southern Hemisphere during our summer – it will be back looking for new victims in new areas
◦Likely to fall into pattern of annual seasonal recurrence like influenza, compounding the nation’s demand on hospital care
◦Fall spike will likely occur when children return to school – and to prevent large-scale school closures, we will be adopting large-scale contact tracing and quarantining and wraparound each infected individual with health services with each new wave (even just before a vaccine is ready) strikes – but early now, exactly as Bloomberg charities and NYC have announced today
◦Schools and work-places are more likely to adopt staggered physical presence of students or workers, in order to prevent large outbreaks when each new wave strikes (more WFH); some communities will cocoon older people, others might require an immunity passport – all these will be large-scale experiments that will go on within the US over a long period
◦Temperature testing will likely happen, as a crude measure of wellness, will result in employees and students being more careful in following public health measures such as wearing masks in public and adequate hand-washing
◦Eternal vigilance will b e the price to pay for health; and jumping quickly to contain new waves will be our way of life for the foreseeable future

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