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Yes - pilot trial done - with 60 patients or so - details in patent on each patient - highlights - one patient with advanced CKD - did not need dialysis for 2 years after 30 treatments, and another patient with ESRD, could have come off dialysis, as kidney function improved so much that if their nephrologist had been willing to do the right thing, they could have come off......Two others - one with proteinuria reversed to no-proteinuria, and another Stage IIIA kidney failure, reversed to Stage I. Another pediatric patient with a congenital obstructive cause of ESRD, reversed to Stage IV CKD, not requiring dialysis. I've written to Medicare asking them to make it mandatory for every nephrologist to test quarterly, whether their patients still need to be on dialysis and also, to reimburse nephrologists when they formally assess improving dialysis adequacy numbers, for return of renal function - something I call REGENEREF - or regenerated renal function, as opposed to RESIDUREF - or residual renal function with which they go on dialysis - no response yet. Shared with the NIDDK head, Dr. Deborah Hoshizaki, on how to assess which stem cells grant applications are valid and why. Discovered that the kidney is the lead organ of the REGENEROS - a paper I'd love to publish in Cell Journal, if I can.....demonstrating trillions of CD34s in urine, after our patented protocol, a field we call REGENERETICS - the technology to reactivate the bodily REGENERATIVE ORGAN SYSTEM or REGENEROS.....This protocol is very safe and highly efficacious

Published Abstract:

Kidney Week 2016 (PUB806)

PUB806 Case Report of Long-Term Recovery from Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease following Alternative Oxidative Therapy and Supplements Priya Visweswaran Balakrishnan. Div of Renal Diseases, The Immortality Inst, Houston, TX. Background: CKD affects nearly 3-20 million people in the US alone and 20-100 milliom people world-wide. While there are drugs available to slow progression to ESRD, nothing has been shown to absolutely, and consistently, prevent the need for Renal Replacement therapy, when CKD Stage V is attained, or RRT becomes a medical necessity. We hereby report a long-standing diabetic patient with CKD Stage V (who had needed RRT for more than 6 months with an eGFR of 12), who has successfully remained off any modality of RRT, 1 year and 3 months, after receiving thirty of our treatments. Methods: IV administration of a mixture of oxygen and ozone gases, was given to the patient through a peripheral IV, at a concentration of 55 mcg/ ml, starting with 2.5 ml, and slowly escalating the dose by 5-10 ml each treatment, for a minimum of 3 times a week. Vitamin B12 IM was recommended and administered as well. This is patented. Results: Patient no longer felt weak, tired, depressed, lethargic; lost around 20 lbs of weight along with copious urination; experienced improvement of peripheral neuropathy and strength and endurance. Conclusions: We are able to reverse uremia (to a greater or lesser extent), even in long-standing CKD, with a mixture of gaseous substances and other supplements, as needed, delivered carefully, with close observation. This may obviate the need for RRT, in several patients, even in those with long standing CKD, due to diabetes, which is generally considered to be irreversible. Funding: Pharmaceutical Company Support - The Immortality Institute

Unpublished Abstract:

In a 53-year-old woman recipient of a kidney transplant seven years previously, whose kidney transplant had failed, we applied our patented Regeneretics or regenerative therapies, after she resumed dialysis. Her creatinine, clearance of uremic toxins and other laboratory parameters improved slightly, and a floating white substance in her urine, which was stained for CD 34 antigen, utilizing the kit for staining CD 34 cells from Stem Cell Technologies, Canada, appeared to show the presence of CD 34 cells counted to be in the trillions, in her urine. Our working hypothesis for the mechanism of regeneration (we call regenerance), of renal function, is that there is a Regenerative Organ System in the human body, called REGENEROS, and that the kidney, is the lead-organ in this REGENEROS. And in fact, that the kidney can make trillions of CD 34 positive cells, be the Endothelial Progenitor Cells or EPCs, Hematopoietic Stem Cells or HSCs, Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells or HPCs, Hemangioblasts or all of their precursors. And that this embryonal hematopoietic ability of the kidney is destroyed beyond a certain young fetal age, as well as, when it is revived, as we have shown can be done in an adult human being, the release of these CD 34 cells in the bloodstream, resulting in regeneration of the entire body. Also, we hypothesize, that the inflammation caused by dialysis, kills off the residual not only excretory function of the kidney but also, it's regenerative function, thereby reducing longevity or lifespan, of kidney failure patients (the trigger for which is the transmission of the signal of the inflammation of dialysis within the endothelial cells present in the walls of these exposed blood vessels to the inflammogens and the reactivation of the REGENEROS, is due to the oxygen-sensing-neurons present in the walls of these blood vessels), even though dialysis is life-saving. As well, hemangioblasts are present in these kidneys, we hypothesize, and both HSCs and hemangioblasts can dedifferentiate into primitive mesenchymal cells, which can then differentiate into Nephron Progenitor Cells or NPCs, which can regenerate the kidney in vivo, without further intervention, other than externally reactivating, REGENEROS or the Regenerative Organ System. Respectfully submitted.

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