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About Priya V Balakrishnan, MD

About Priya V Balakrishnan, MD

The Immortality Institute in Houston, Texas, under the direction of nephrologist and board-certified internist Priya Balakrishnan, MD, seeks to reverse and cure chronic medical illnesses, rather than just control the symptoms using regenerative medicine.

After completing her nephrology fellowship, Dr. Balakrishnan fell ill and experienced multiorgan failure. This near-death experience inspired her to help people fight kidney failure with groundbreaking treatments, termed regeneretics, and not to rely solely on conventional medicine strategies that only address symptoms and often do more harm than good.

At The Immortality Institute, Dr. Balakrishnan seeks to balance the natural state of patients’ bodies. The treatments performed under her care are minimally invasive, interdisciplinary, and therapeutic. She uses cutting-edge science, technology, and treatment modalities to address the root cause of disease, dysfunction, and aging so patients can get well and stay well.

The practice offers in-office and telemedicine services to provide treatments that balance hormones, encourage weight loss, and provide regenerative therapies to help patients heal for the long term. Dr. Balakrishnan reactivates patients’ organ systems, so they function at optimal levels. Men and women may undergo blood and urine testing, ultrasound, exercise stress testing, metabolism testing, and other clinical research tests to determine their state of health and the best strategies to heal them from the inside out.

Dr. Balakrishnan also takes care of VVIP patients globally and has protected them from getting COVID-19 with her Corona Care Packages (where they're remotely located), and in-person with preventive therapies. 

Dr. Balakrishnan also serves as the Director of the VIHE - an institute of higher education that will start to award two PhDs a year in REGENERETICS - the technology to reactivate the REGENERATIVE ORGAN SYSTEM that the practice will be developing. 

People living in the Houston area and elsewhere can benefit from Dr. Balakrishnan’s caring and revolutionary health care approach by calling her office or scheduling an appointment using this website.   

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